Motorcycle Transport

Need to get your bike to the shop or back home?

How about a ride home or to work so you can get on with your day?

Option 1: Discounted Transport

A&S Motorcycles offers special rates for one-way motorcycle transport - as little as $50.00 (see table, below). Additional charges, at special rates, apply beyond mileage limits.

Option 2: Rental Car

A&S Motorcycles will pay for a one-day car rental. Enterprise will pick you up at the shop and we'll pay the rental fee for one day. (You pay for rental insurance and fuel; cost of insurance depends on coverage options and the model rented, usually around $25.00.)

Option 3: Rent-a-Trailer Reimbursement Credit

Rent a U-Haul or other trailer to get your bike to the shop and show us the receipt. A&S Motorcycles will cover the cost with a credit to your service bill up to $40.00.

Option 4: Ride Service Reimbursement Credit

A&S Motorcycles will credit your service bill up to $40.00 toward a Lyft or Uber ride when you present your receipt. (Typical pick up time is less than 15 minutes.)

Motorcycle transport rate fees.
Mileage Regular Transport Fee You Pay
0-9 $70.00 $50.00
10-15 $80.00 $56.00
16-20 $90.00 $63.00
21-30 $100.00 $70.00
31-35 $110.00 $77.00
36-40 $130.00 $91.00
41-45 $170.00 $119.00
46-50 $190.00 $133.00
Important: Mileage calculated using Google Maps.
Transport fees to or from A&S Motorcycles beyond 50 miles are worked out directly between you and the transport service.

Need to transport your bike?

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