Service Specials

Our service specials are intended to help you control the cost of keeping your bike running its best.

Get one Rider Rewards point for every dollar you spend on parts and labor in our Service department.

Offer does not apply to discounted parts such as Price-Matched tires, discounted service such as Tire Installation Special or to work paid by insurance. Find out more.
Considering the purchase of a private-party bike? Buy with confidence - with a pre-purchase inspection at A&S Motorcycles. Thinking of selling your bike? Make sure it's in good condition and safe to ride. Bring it to A&S Motorcycles for a pre-purchase inspection. We'll do the same careful check-out that we do when we take a vehicle in trade and give you a written report of the bike's condition. (One hour labor charge.) Call 916-726-7334 for an appointment.